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Contemporary Art Exhibition

Rospigliosi Palace

Piazza Indipendenza, 6 - 00039 Zagarolo (RM)


I've been selected as a finalist artist for the second edition of Rospigliosi Art Prize 2019.

My work The Palace of Dreams was on show from May 5 to 18.

Il Palazzo dei Sogni - tecnica mista su

The event is held every year in the fabulous location of Rospigliosi Palace, historical residence of Lazio, and has been organized in collaboration with the famous Vittoria Gallery of Via Margutta in Rome.

The theme of the second edition is "Invisible, Visible".

"Through his personal poetic, the artist expresses his own time, declining his daily life according to his own sensibility, but certainly his task in society has always been to grasp, see and reveal what is often invisible to the common eye. [...]"

Some pictures from the event

A short clip

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