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Elide Pizzini is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Rome, Italy.

She attended Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in 2005-2010.

She comes to artistic expression after a training mainly oriented to science and technology – degree in telecommunication engineering and several years experience in the field. 

That's why  her painting, which also addresses the very essence of nature and things, never leaves a solid  supporting structure of any representation, even where dream and fantasy seem to prevail on the real.

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions. Some examples.

The international exhibition FAO "100 Works of Art for the Right to Food " with works such as “Spirit Bud” - which received unanimous approval - in which art had the task of stimulating sensitivity and intelligence to assist the campaign against world hunger, poverty and marginalization.

Group exhibition "Type of Art Confrontation" with numerous paintings, in which “Parallel Universe I” and “Cubo futurist still Life” represent an important milestone in seeking an art also oriented to  the conquest of the Soul spaces.

Contemporary Artist Elide Pizzini Italian Abstract Artist_edited.jpg


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